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How To Get Apple Watch Rolex Face? Only Guide You Need!

Here you will see a complete guide on how to get Apple watch Rolex face.

Several Apple watches have been launched so far, and without any hesitation, we can still say that5 Apple watches have such crappy and nonsense faces that are not acceptable to anyone. For this reason, everyone wonders how they can get other better designs or faces on their Apple watches. You must be wondering how you can get an Apple watch Rolex face on your Watch as they look much more fascinating, attractive, and wonderful.

It’s never a hard task to get a Rolex face for Apple watch; there’s nothing to worry about. If you really want your Apple watch to have some attractive and fascinating Apple watch Rolex face, you only need to follow a few useful steps in the right way.

So, let’s get started with the process

Download The App

apple watch rolex face

To get your Apple watch renewed and to get an Apple watch Rolex face, you firstly need to download an App; many Apps help in this process, but this is a Chinese App that is authentic, and it will help you and guide you thoroughly. The only worst thing about this App is that it’s not available on Google App Store, so one needs to download it from the Browser.

Follow the following steps to download the App and get along with it.

·       JINGWATCH; this is the name of that Chinese App. Simply you need to search this App in any browser and just click on the original link of the website.

·       Once you click on the App it opens up a new page; on that page you’ll see 3 lines on the right-hand side of the page. Click on those lines and it will lead you to the menu.

·       By clicking on those 3 lines, you will see a menu appear. Here you will see the full installation option and details. Now click on the installation option from the shown drop-down menu.

·       Eventually, as a pop-up page would appear, there you’ll see an installation option. Just click on Install. It will ask you for installation confirmation. Confirm the installation process, and there you’ll see the notification there; click there on the Install button.

·       Now, the installation process starts to wait for the App to install on your Apple Phone.

Authorize The App

apple watch rolex face

Once you have installed the App on your Apple phone, the App would require authorization. If you don’t approve the authorization and try to use the App without authorization, it won’t work. This is because you haven’t downloaded this App from the App store but the Browser, so you need to be careful.

Follow the following steps to authorize the App and get closer to the process of getting an Apple watch Rolex face.

·       From App authorization; go to your Apple Phone’s settings

·       From there, go to the General option of the settings menu

·       From there, find Device Management and click on that

·       There you’ll see the name of the Chinese App developer; China Telecom Corporation

·       After that, you’ll see the option “Trust to authorize the application.” You need to check right on that option. Click on it

·       Once you complete all the authorization steps, you can open the App now, and it will work eventually.

Downloading In Apple Watch

apple watch rolex face

As you are looking to get a Rolex Apple watch face on your Apple watch, you need to make sure that this Chinese App is installed on your Apple watch. Go to your Apple watch App on your Apple mobile and scroll to the end for downloading that. You can check whether the App is already downloaded or is being downloaded.

If the App is still in the downloading process, wait for the App to download and move forward to the next step.

Go To The App

·       Go to the App, click on it and start the App. Once you start the App it will require you to create an account. Now go to create an account, go to the Personal tab, and enter all the useful required information to create the account.

·       Once you have created the account, sign in to your account.

·       After signing in to your account, you will see many different account menus and options.

·       These options consist of all different faces. Now, if you want to get an Apple watch Rolex face, you need to keep in mind that some of the Rolex watch face Apple watches are paid. If you are willing to buy these paid faces, you need to click on the Currency option and your own country details and Credit your account.

·       For instance, if any Apple watch Rolex face costs $5 or $10, you can credit your account with your credit card or through PayPal. Once you have added money to your account, you’ll have the credit to buy the Apple watch Rolex face for your Apple watch.

Downloading Apple Watch Rolex Faces

apple watch rolex face

Now you are all ready to go for the Apple watch Rolex face.

·       On the App, an icon in the middle of the home page, like a small gift box, will appear; simply click on that. Once you click on that, it will directly take you to the Faces store. You can either buy Rolex faces or get free different faces like Rolex Apple watch faces, Casio, or more.

·       If you are specifically looking for an Apple watch Rolex face, search for those faces in the search bar, there you’ll see a lot of different useful options in the results.

·       Once you have looked for different faces and selected any particular Apple watch Rolex face for your Rolex faces, you’ll be able to preview it and even look for how it would appear on your Watch. At the bottom line, the App will also show some different useful options from the developer’s side.

·       If the face which you have selected is paid, you’ll see tha paying option for buying it at the bottom of the page. If you have already credited your account, you only need to go ahead, add to the card and buy that face.

·       You don’t need to pay for any free face if you select any free face.

·       Once you have downloaded or paid for all the faces you wanted, tap on the My Faces button at the left corner of the App screen; there, you’ll see all the list of faces you have.

Get The Apple Watch Rolex Face On Your Watch

Now that you have downloaded all of your favorite Apple watch rolex faces on your Apple Watch, you can easily go ahead and add any face at any time to your Watch.

·       On your Apple Watch, press the Digital Crown option, and there you’ll see all the downloaded Apps.

·       From all the Apps click on the Jing Watch App.

·       The first face in your App’s option My Faces list will appear on the Watch when you click on the App.

·       If you want to choose any other face, you just need to press on the screen for a few seconds.

·       Fom the option of My Faces, click on that, and you’ll see all the downloaded faces or all the faces which you bought.

·       Choose the Apple watch rolex face you like; it will appear on your Watch screen.

·       Once you choose the face which you want, just choose that face of your phone, and the Rolex Face will appear automatically on the Watch.

·       The good thing about the Apop and its features is that it never forgets what Rolex face you selected. Even if your watch screen goes out, you’ll still see the same face when your wrist moves or the Watch will turn on again.


As discussed above, coming to an end to the Apple watch Rolex face is one of the easiest and most useful ways to get a Rolex Face on your Apple Watch. This ends the whole guide here. Just go ahead and start finding and downloading the best Rolex face for your Watch. 

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