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7 Best Headphones For Crossfit

If you are a workout champ and can’t workout without music being your top interest, you surely need the best headphones? Listening to your favorite music while you are working out of your CrossFit can make your experience much more enjoyable and entertaining.

Listening to your favorite music on some trouble-making headphones can destroy your experience and mood; your flow won’t be the same.

So, here we are today to help you with the best headphones for CrossFit to find the best pair of headphones or earbuds that are sweat proof, easy to handle, won’t cut out or fall apart, sound amazing, and is good at battery usage.

Before moving towards the best headphones for CrossFit, let’s look at what features are required for the best headphones for CrossFit.

What features do the best headphones for CrossFit need to have?

Waterproof & Sweat Resistant

The most important feature that the best CrossFit earbuds should have is “Being waterproof & Sweatproof”.

Some of the top headphones claim to be waterproof, but as you wear them during a workout 3-4 times after usage, they will stop working or cause some other issues. So, make sure you are finding the best headphone which you can use while working out, and while working out, you get sweaty, and so you need to find them sweatproof. Waterproof headphones.

Bluetooth / NCF connectivity

Headphones are undoubtedly a good option, but it also is that headphones wires get tangled, and the cables are a major distraction to your movements and working out. Handling wires while working out and getting distracted can be difficult, so it’s better to have wireless earbuds.

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Noise Cancellation

You need to look for the best CrossFit earbuds with the noise or sound cancellation feature. If you are working out or jogging outside, the outside noise is going to distract you and disturb you. Your music won’t even be enough to isolate that, so it’s better to have a noise cancellation feature in your headphones so to work in full peace.

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Lets review the 7 best headphones for Crossfit which can help you enjoy your daily workout.

1.   Apple Airpods

best headphones for crossfit

As the brand’s name speaks for itself, Apple is one of the best brands for every user device. It is possible that you may not consider the Apple Airpods as the best headphones for Crossfit, but maximum people love using the Apple Airpods during their workouts. The Apple Airpods are the CrossFit Airpods as they are wireless headphones with the latest technology and features.

The Siri support is 24/7 there for you in any need. The battery life of the Apple Airpods lasts up to 5 hours of listening and up to 24 hours, so it means you dont have to charge more often. The Airpods come with a charging case and Bluetooth connection to enjoy them at any time.

The best part about the Apple Airpods is that they are water-resistant and sweat-proof, which means you dont have to worry that your CrossFit sweat can cause the headphones any damage. These headphones have a feature that they turn on automatically as soon as you put the earbud in your ear and turn off as you take off the earbud. It is possible that the noise cancellation doesn’t work 100%, you may still hear some of the outside noise, but they are pretty convenient in other useful features.

Even Siri can help you with your motivation.

  • Slimmer and much lower profile than other CrossFit earbuds
  • The charging case adds up some extra charge time
  • Extremely easy to pair up with any Bluetooth device
  • Not much troubled
  • Hands-free phone calls can be done
  • The noise Cancellation feature doesn’t work 100%

2.   Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

best headphones for crossfit

The Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones are among our top headphones on the list. These CrossFit headphones have an amazing sound quality and are comfortable enough for any user. The best headphones for CrossFit as the ear fit is so comfortable that everyone loves to wear these. When it comes to noise cancellation features, surely the earbuds lack at this but still stand out before many.

The earbuds provide a high-quality audio experience which means no distraction while you are working out, the volume is balanced, and the Bose activates EQ.

The battery life of the headphones is almost 6 hours per charge. These are the most suitable CrossFit earbuds as they are IPX4 rated and are highly waterproof and sweat resistant.

  • NFC pairing
  • Bluetooth
  • Water and Sweat resistant
  • Secure and highly comfortable earbud
  • Round cable neck can be distracting & irritating at times

3.   Jaybird X3 In-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones

best headphones for crossfit

The best CrossFit earbuds are here; Jaybird X3 is designed to be small. High reliable and high-quality headphones. The earbuds have silicone ear fins attached at the top and lower surface of the ear for a perfect fit; this locks the earbuds during any hard activity like an intense workout.

The earbuds provide maximum noise cancellation and are comfortable enough to use. One can easily make unlimited calls while wearing earbuds. The battery life of these earbuds is really good is, approx 8 hours.

The X3 earbuds have hydrophobic nano-coating keeping them waterproof and sweat-resistant, making your workout much easier and fun.

  • Good Sound Quality, deep base
  • Comes with six different sized Ear Wings, Silicone Foam Tips
  • Highly customizable, giving a perfectly secure fit
  • Less expensive and more reliable wireless headphones
  • The Sweat proof nano-coating starts to peel after long use

4.   Anker ZOLO Liberty+ True wireless headphones

best headphones for crossfit

The ZOLO Liberty + Headphones are one of the best headphones for CrossFit as they have the best noise cancellation feature, which means no distraction during your intense workout. It also consists of a part that turns on the mic to hear the outside noise with just a push of the button.

The sound quality of the headphones is really deep and reliable. The headphones are wireless, so you are free from behind the head cord. The headphones also have slide and twist secure-fit tips, which keep them fit in one place in case of heavy movements.

The headphones are IPX5 rated, which means they are highly reliable and sweatproof. The charging life is almost 4 hours after one charge and provides a boost in the charging case.

  • EQ balanced headphones from the Andriod App
  • Wireless
  • Charging case boosts charge up to 48 hours
  • High-quality sound
  • The Seal is not much reliable

5.   TREBLAB X2 Bluetooth Earbuds

best headphones for crossfit

The TREBLAB X2 are truly real wireless headphones with amazing sound quality. The best CrossFit earbuds have a shape similar to AirPods, having a small tube that projects from the bottom. These come along with ear fins, foam tips, and silicone, which provides a comfortable and best fit.

The earbuds have a unique and sleep classy design providing a battery life even similar to airports 5 hours. However, the charging box provides less battery, which is approximately 5 hours extra battery, lower than the airports consider.

These CrossFit earbuds are a fraction of airports, having great sound quality, comfortable, amazing fit, beryllium HD sound, Soro Support, and noise cancellation, which everyone wants.

The earbuds are IPX4 rated and are highly waterproof and sweat resistant.

  • Supports phone calls
  • Siri commands
  • Different ear fins and tips for better comfort and fit
  • Sweat & water-resistant
  • Amazing noise cancellation
  • Affordable price with high features
  • Mix Quality is not perfect

6.   BlueAnt Pump Wireless HD Sportbuds

best headphones for crossfit

The BlueAnt Wireless earbuds are one of the most satisfying CrossFit earbuds as they are unrivaled audio, usually for an intense workout and extreme conditions.

The headphones deliver crystal clear audio and are one of the best headphones for comforting and enjoying music during a workout.

The headphones use Kevlar & Teflon with watertight mesh, which repels water and sweat, making them water-resistant. The waterproof technology incorporated into the design is that the earbuds are still on the go.

The headphones are also amazing for working calls, and you can easily pair them with other devices. The battery life is usually 8 hours; it has an audio beep system that lets you know that the battery is Low.

The headphones are not specifically designed for water activities like swimming but are completely sweat and water-resistant.

  • Strong sweat, water, and moisture resistant
  • Up to 100-meter range
  • Noise cancellation
  • High-quality sound, volume
  • Rich Vibrant
  • No case provided

7.   SENSO Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

best headphones for crossfit

The SENSO Bluetooth Wireless headphones are truly HD High Fidelity sound featuring Bluetooth headphones, which produce incredible sound quality with high bass and crystal clear voice.

These are one of the best headphones for CrossFit at a reasonable price and are highly water-resistant, which makes them so much more comfortable and easy for an intense workout.

The headphones have a good battery life of up to 8 hours, a reasonable price with useful features. The headphones are not completely noise canceling, but they do block unnecessary surrounding noise a bit.

The best feature is that the headphones are totally adjustable and can easily flex into your ear’s shape. They are not irritating or unfit, can easily stay fit during a workout. IPX 7 rated and are highly sweat and water-resistant.

  • Affordable Price
  • Adjustable ear hooks
  • Set of 3 Silicone tips and set of memory foams for a perfect fit
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Highest IPX rating, which means highly waterproof
  • User may notice audio skipping at times


Now that you have the best headphones for CrossFit so don’t hesitate to pick up the best and fair pair of your choice and easily enjoy your next workout. Hope this guide helped you in choosing your best option. 

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