Buzzing Sound In Headphones When Playing Games

Buzzing Sound In Headphones When Playing Games? Resolved!

You all love watching movies and playing video games with full-volume high bass. We all buy high-tech headphones to live those moments. Our headphones tend to be our closest friend when it comes to being a gamer, playing video games, or live streaming. When you wear yo9ur headphones and plug them into a PC or Playstation, you may experience a buzzing sound from headphones. You hear a buzzing sound in headphones when playing games, and it’s surely not a pleasant experience; it can disturb you.

So, what to do if you hear a buzzing sound in headphones when playing games? Let’s resolve this issue with some useful solutions.

Buzzing Sound In Headphones

There can be a number of reasons why there is a buzzing sound in headphones android of yours. These all reasons can be fixed. One of the most common reasons can be electronic interference; frequency interference can also be a culprit to this buzzing noise. Buzzing sound in headphones when playing games can be much distracting and annoying, and surely you can’t ignore this. Apart from all this, there can be some technical issues, wires, or even hardware issues that can result in buzzing sound in headphones windows 10.

Some of the common reasons why there is a buzzing sound in headphones when playing games

  • Loose Wiring
  • Auxiliary Port issue
  • Electronic interference
  • Outdated audio drivers
  • False audio settings
  • Damaged headphones

It can be hard to identify what major reason is causing this problem, but there are still a few ways to fix it. Let us dig into that trouble-solving ways.

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How To Fix Buzzing Noise In Headphones

Buzzing Sound In Headphones When Playing Games
Buzzing Sound In Headphones When Playing Games

You can try these solutions to six the buzzing sound in headphones when playing games.

Troubleshoot Hardware Problem

As discussed earlier, the hardware problem can be one of the main causes of buzzing sound in headphones when playing games; you need to check the hardware and fix it if you find any hardware issues. Follow the following steps to do so;

  • Check Audio cables and Ports

Make sure that you have checked the wires, the audio cable, or the USB port if they work properly or not. You can easily shift to another audio cable or port if you still hear buzzing sound in your headphones.

  • Turn the volume up and down

While the Headphone is connected, turn the volume Up or Down. This will ensure if the headphone buzzing sound has dissapeard and it’s working properly or not.

Use alternative Audio jacks

Audio jacks are useful wires which allow you to plug your device in. These wires are high-tech that reduce unwanted noise, buzzing, etc. Simply pull out one of the wires and insert it into a different port or your laptop or computer. This can be an easy solution to your problem.

Turn off other electronic devices

Electronic interference with many devices can be a reason why you hear buzzing sounds in headphones when playing games. It’s common to have different electronic devices at the same place. The frequency between different devices interferes and can cause such problems as cell phones, computers, TV, Oven, Speakers, PS, etc. So, you can also check these devices to assure if theres any issue there.

For this, simply do two things;

  • Turn off all those electronic devices and unplug the main power source
  • Try on your Headphone again and check if it works properly now or not

To avoid such unwanted conditions, try to keep electronic devices at different places to avoid electromagnetic pulse. Keep your headphones away from high-tech electrical devices.

Damaged Speaker

Make sure to check if your speaker of Headphones is damaged, as it can be a major cause of buzzing sound from speakers when playing games. It’s really important to check the condition of the hardware and software of devices to be assured of their working.

  • Plugin your Headphone to your Laptop or PC and check if it works properly or the static noise is still there
  • If the noise suddenly disappears, then there is no problem with the speaker. But if the probolem is still, there are chances that your hardware and speakers of the headphones are not working properly and you need to change those.

Updated Audio Drivers

If you recently updated your headphones audio drivers and face buzzing sound in headphones when playing games, you need to reinstall them.

  • If you see any updates from the manufacturer’s side, download the one that matches your driver models installed in your system.
  • You can also download the driver update application.
  • Different videos from YouTube can guide you through this process.

Configure audio settings

If you are facing pc buzzing sound when playing games, improper audio settings can also be a major issue. Make sure to check for the audio settings if they are configured properly or not. You can also simply disable the audio enhancements.

Replace your Headphone

If non of the solution works from all the ones mentioned above, then it’s time for you to change your headphones and buy a new one.

Grab a different headphone and plug iot into the  PC or other device you are using check if you hear any buzzing sound. If the problem is still, the main problem is with your other device, not the headphones. But if the noise disappears, you need to contact the headphone company and go for a change.

I hope the points mentioned above will help you fix the buzzing sound in headphones when playing games.

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