How To Change Battery On Audio-Technica Headphones

How To Change Battery On Audio-Technica Headphones? Find Out

How to change battery on Audio-Technica headphones? Find out in this step by step guide!

Audio-Technica are best headphones on the market for music and gaming. These headphones are affordable and durable. During our previous testing and reviews, we have found Audio-Technica have best sound quality, performance and ruggedness. These are absolutely great headphones for gaming. Headphone experts around the world love Audio-Technica for gaming. Many famous YouTubers use Audio-Technica during live gaming sessions.

Now, if your Audio-Technica are old headphones and their battery dies quickly, or somehow you have damaged the battery of Audio-Technica headphones, and you are looking for ways to change the battery on Audio-Technica headphones. Don’t worry, we will guide you step by step on how to change battery on Audio-Technica headphones.

What Makes Audio-Technica Battery Drain Faster?

We are all amazed and happy about the cool features in new day wireless headphones. However, these same cool features drain battery faster than you think.

ANC (Active Noise Cancelling)

When we buy a new headphones what feature we look foremost? Its definitely Active Noise Cancelling in headphones. ANC drains the battery real quickly therefore we get less battery life than we hope for from Audio-Technica headphones. Manufacturers only label the battery life without taking in consideration the extra features like ANC. On Audio-Technica wireless headphones, you should be expecting 50% less battery life if you turn on ANC feature.

Awareness Mode

This mode on Audio-Technica headphones lets the surrounding noise come into your ears using microphones of the headphones. However, to make you beware of the surroundings, it drains battery much faster than you expect it.

High Volume

What is sound? It’s basically a series of mechanical waves that our ear listens and translates into music, voice, languages with the help of brain. Louder sounds create more bugger amplitude waves. All this process needs extra power. For higher volume, Audio-Technica drivers need more electricity in the coils. Simply, it means that when you raise your volume on headphones, your headphone will be draining battery fast than you like. That’s why manufacturers claim the battery life at 50% of the volume. However, if you keep the volume lower than 50% then you battery life will automatically increase.

But if keeping your ANC off, awareness mode off and listening at low volumes do not improve the battery life then you should really consider changing the battery of Audio-Technica headphones.

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How To Change Battery On Audio-Technica Headphones?

How To Change Battery On Audio-Technica Headphones

Changing Audio-Technica battery depends on the model. However, for wired Audio-Technica headphones, you can follow these same steps;

  1. Turn off headphones
  2. Hold left Audio-Technica headphone to see battery compartment
  3. Open the cover of battery and insert AAA battery keeping in view the polarity (+, -)
  4. Close the compartment for battery

For changing battery on Lithium-ion using Audio-Technica headphones, follow these steps;

  1. Remove the cushion of the headphone
  2. Remove screws carefully or in some cases just separate the motherboard from the ear cup
  3. Now remove screws of the motherboard
  4. You will see a battery
  5. Now un-attach the wires keeping in mind which cable belong where!
  6. Replace the battery and attach the wires as it were before

Watch this video on how to change battery on Audio-Technica headphones

However, if you don’t feel confident in changing battery on Audio-Technica headphones, you should contact the technician near you.

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How To Buy A New Audio-Technica Headphones?

Now if you think your old Audio-Technica headphones’ battery is completely damaged, you can buy new one which will last for years.  You can order Audio-Technica headphones from their official website. However, Audio-Technica headphones are on sale on Amazon, you can check the latest pricing by clicking the link below;

Hope you liked our guide on how to change battery on Audio-Technica headphones.

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