How To Connect/Pair Bluetooth Anker Headphones

How To Connect/Pair Bluetooth Anker Headphones?

Are you looking for “how to connect Bluetooth Anker headphones?” or “how to pair Anker Soundcore wireless headphones?” Basically, both are same things with the only difference of sounds of words. =D

You might found a new pair of Anker headphones. You must be looking for ways to pair Anker Headphones to computer. Or you can be looking for methods to connect Anker headphones to your mobile. We will cover Anker headphones connectivity to mobiles and laptops both in this brief guide.

When you unbox your Anker headphones, then right out of the box, you will turn on the headset. Now, search on laptop or mobile devices, in Bluetooth section, your laptop or mobile should show Anker headphones, from there you can connect your Anker headphones to mobile or computer.

We will go in detail over “how to connect or pair Bluetooth Anker headphones?” Keep reading!

How To Connect Bluetooth Anker Headphones?

Follow these simple steps to connect Bluetooth Anker headphones to other devices;

  1. Take out left earbud out of charging case, it will be turned on
  2. To enter pairing mode, tap the earbud 3 times
  3. A light will blink
  4. Search on device that you want to connect with Anker headphones
  5. In the Bluetooth available devices list, you will find “Anker Soundcore”
  6. Simple tap on it

This is the simple to pair Ankder Bluetooth wireless headphones.

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How To Reset Anker Bluetooth Earbuds?

How To Connect/Pair Bluetooth Anker Headphones?
How To Connect/Pair Bluetooth Anker Headphones?

Follow these exact step to reset any Anker earbuds;

  1. Put one earbud in the charging case for charging (if its charging, the light color will be pure white)
  2. Press the touchpad of the earbud in the charging for 7 seconds. An LED light will blink 3 times.

By now, you have successfully reset Anker headphones.

How To Pair Soundcoee Life Headphones?

Turn on headphones> turn on Bluetooth on your device>A window will pop up confirming your device is connecting to Soundcore Life headphones. If somehow, you close the window, start the process again by putting the headphones in case and bring them out.

How To Factory Reset Anker Headphones?

How to connect Bluetooth Anker headphones
How to connect Bluetooth Anker headphones

You will need to factory reset your soundcore Anker headphones especially when you are facing connectivity issues like

  • Anker headphone is not showing in computer’s Bluetooth available devices
  • Anker headphone is not showing in mobile’s Bluetooth available devices
  • Facing a lot of interruptions during music
  • Anker headphones connected to devices but sound is not coming

To factor reset Anker headphones, place both Anker earbuds in the charging case. Now, press power button on both Anker earbuds for 3 seconds until light blinks red thrice and turns white. This way you can factory reset your Anker Soundcore headphones.

Where To Buy Anker Soundcore Headphones?

You can buy Anker Soundcore headphones from many sources. Anker website also ships in whole USA. You can buy Anker headphones from Best Buy. However, you can find the best deal on Amazon for buying Anker Soundcore earbuds.

Check out this video on how to connect or pair Anker headphones.

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