How To Reset Bose Headphones

How To Reset Bose Headphones? Ultimate Guide!

How to reset Bose headphones? You will learn resetting Bose headphones in this step by step guide. Don’t worry, our Bose headphones resetting guide is simple. You will easily understand all the steps enlisted in this guide.

Do you remember what settings were on when you got your hands first time on Bose headphones? Yeah, a reset means your Bose headphones will revert back to original factory settings like you had on your brand new Bose headphones. The Bose headphone setting configurations will be set back to their original form.

We will also let you know how to reset Bose QuietComfort 35 noise cancelling headphones in this detailed yet ultimate guide.

There are two methods for resetting Bose headphones;

  • Soft Reset:

A soft reset means you will need to turn off your Bose headset and disconnect the headset cables.

  • Factory Reset:
    Factory reset or hard reset will remove all the configurations or changes that you performed in settings. This will bring Bose headphones back to its original factory settings.

Note that soft reset is relatively to perform. You will keep its default settings. If disconnecting the Bose headphone cable and restarting your headphones do not work then you will need hard reset your Bose headphones.

Read on to explore “how to reset Bose headphones?

How To Reset Bose Headphones?

How To Reset Bose Headphones
How To Reset Bose Headphones

The two QuietComfort 35 noise cancelling reset methods will work properly. However, you will need a USB cable to perform both reset methods.

Method 1: Shut Down Your Headphones

First, you will need to press the power button of Bose headphones to turn them on. Now, turn off your headset. After about 30 sec, turn on your Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones. You will know that a single power button click turns your Bose headphones on unlike other wireless headphones. For turning the connecting feature, you will need to long press the power button.

As 30 sec passes, you will need to plug the USB cable in the Bose headphones. You will need a same USB cable that you need for charging the Bose headphones in your regular use. After minute or two, unplug the cable from headset.

Now, your Bose headphones should be working fine after this soft reset.

Method 2: Disconnecting The Cable From Bose Headphone

You will need to use this soft reset method if first one does not work on your Bose headphones. With this method too, your settings will not change in Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones. This method has four simple steps;

  1. Disconnect cable from Bose headphones
  2. Connect the bigger side of the cable to computer
  3. Connect smaller side to any one of the ear cups. Press the power button until a light blinks two times on Bose headphones
  4. Wait for few seconds and release the Bose headphones power button

How To Factory Reset Bose QuietComfort 35?

The soft reset methods enlisted above will not affect your software installation and settings. In fact, they will retain your settings.

A factory reset actually resets the very basic settings of headphones therefore it will help solve your Bose headphones problem more effectively. By hard reset or factory reset, your Bose headphone will remove all the networks, audio files and bring the settings to a level as they were when you first bought the Bose headphones.

There are 3 steps to factory reset Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones;

  1. Hold both volume button and AUX button simultaneously for 10 sec.
  2. Initiate Bose music player
  3. Perform steps as on-screen directions suggest

There are few cases in which you cannot reach product settings. It means you will not be able to access previous version of settings on Bose QuietComfort 35. Simply, the devices won’t let you to downgrade current version.

In such situation, you will need to communicate your problem with Bose customer care for the help.

Check out this video on “how to reset Bose headphones?”

Why Do You Need To Reset Bose Headphones?

The need to reset Bose headphones can come from many problems. These Bose headphone problems can be related to connectivity, battery & cable. However, few are listed below;

  • Bose headphones do not appear on your computer
  • Bose headphones are not showing in your mobile
  • Your mobile is showing Bose headphones but isn’t successfully pairing
  • Your laptop is showing Bose headphones QuietComfort but isn’t pairing successfully.
  • You are facing distortions in connectivity
  • Music keeps delaying in Bose headphones
  • No sound in Bose headphones even when its properly paired to your device

When you face any one of these Bose headphone problems, you will need to troubleshoot Bose headphones QuietComfort to resolve the issue with factory reset.

Similarly, if your mobile or laptop has upgraded its software even then you can face Bose headphones connectivity problems and you will need a factory reset!

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How To Buy Bose Headphones?

Bose headphones provide extremely great listening experience to its user. The Bose headphones demand is increasing just because of their ability to cancel noise and offer soothing sound.

There are two types of Bose headphones shipments that you can choose when you buy Bose headphones;

Standard Shipping

The Bose website uses USA postal services for shipment of its orders. You will also find the postal carrier in the email notification when you Bose headphones order is confirmed.

However, express shipment is allowed only for Alaska & Hawaii. Bose takes about a 6-7 days for delivery completion.

Free Standard Shipment

Some of the Bose noise cancelling headphones come with free banner shipment. However, you will need to select the option when you will buy Bose QuietComfort heaphones. Don’t select close banner shipment other you will pay for the Bose headphones shipment.

On other hands, you can buy Bose headphones from Amazon using the link below;


Some Bose users might still have queries regarding Bose headphones connectivity and resetting. Check out our frequently asked questions to settle your queries;

How to easily clear Bose headphone pairing list?

You can easily clear Bose headphones pairing listing by following this step by step method;
1) Turn off Bose headphones
2) Press & hold the power button for about 10 sec
3) A voice will emerge saying successfully clearing pairing list
4) Remove Bose headphones from your laptops & smartphones

Why aren’t my Bose noise cancelling headphones working?

If you Bose noise cancelling are not working properly then you will need to clear app data on android. For doing so, you will head to settings>apps>clear cache/clear data.

Can I upgrade Bose Headphones Bluetooth?

No, you cannot upgrade Bluetooth version on Bose headphones. Bluetooth is related to hardware “SOC”. You can upgrade an app but not hardware!

How to make Bose headphones connect automatically?

For making your Bose headphones connect automatically to devices, you will need to follow these steps exactly;
• Turn on Bluetooth
• Edit the name of the device
Remember that, when you connect Bose headphones to any device first time, then headphones will keep connecting to that device automatically.


It appears that wireless listening is more appealing than wired listening. However, connection problems or Bluetooth connection interruption tastes bad. Therefore, it becomes a solid question “how to reset Bose headphones”.

By now, you should have reset Bose headphones by following our exact Bose headphone resetting methods.

You can comment below if you still have any queries regarding how to reset Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones.

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