How To Use Headphones On PS3

How To Use Headphones On PS3? Easy Guide

Learn how to use headphones on PS3 in this easy guide!

Headphones are the life saviors for every gamer, pc user, worker, or chit-chat freak. When it comes to gaming, gamers are huge fans of PS; and no doubt it becomes a question: Can we use headphones on PS3? The answer here is YES, but how to use headphones on ps3?

PlayStation (PS) is a top, high-rated game consoler that SONY manufactures. Sony is one of the greatest manufacturers of electronic devices; audio-video devices company. Sony brings in the most reliable, accurate, and amazing devices for everyone to use. PS3 is one of the best gaming consoles of Sony.

PS3 supports a number of games, audio devices, and Bluetooth devices. Once can enjoy high bass while streaming video games and playing games on it. The PS3 is compatible with a wide number of devices.

Playing with high bass sounds is very important for real gamers, so it’s essential without being disturbed; you can connect your headphones or microphones with your PS3 to isolate external noise and focus on your game. Surely you can play without headphones also the sound carrier would be the LCD/TV. But if you want to connect your headphones, you should know how to use headphones on ps3.

How To Use Headphones On Ps3 ? Full Guide

Users can connect their audio devices to ps3 via wired bother or wireless. For connecting the audio device to Ps3, you simply needt=to access the main menu stream. One major issue here is that there are no sockets or jacks available on PS3 for connecting the consoler to the headphones, so one needs to go for other ways.

Following ways can be utilized to know how to use headphones on ps3

  • Wired Connection
  • Wireless Connection

How To Use Headphones On PS3 – Wired Connection

How To Use Headphones On PS3
How To Use Headphones On PS3

You all must think of how to connect wired headphones to ps3; it’s not a difficult task to do. As it suggests with the name, Wired headphones have wire, which means a USB Plug that helps to plug and transfer data. Almost all electronic devices have USB jacks to plug in wired devices with them, but in PS3, no USB jack is there. For knowing how to connect the wired headset to ps3 without USB, let’s dig into the details.

But besides this issue, PS3 users can still manage to connect wired headphones with PS3. You just need to have a type of headphones with a USB connector, and there must be audio to USB adapter. With the help of these devices, you can easily fulfill your dream. Using the USB connector and the adapter, one can easily connect wired headphones to any PS available ports. These ports are available under the disk drive of PS.

If this option does not work out for you, you can go with the other one, making co9onnection usage of the composite cables. Remember not to distract the HDMI cables plugged in with the TV screen; only use the composite cables to connect the adapter.

Simply insert the cord into PS make sure to connect white and red wires to the adapter. Now you can easily connect your headphones with the adapter and enjoy using the headphones of PS3.

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How To Use Headphones On PS3 – Wireless Connection

You can also enjoy headphones’ wireless connection, which means you can connect your headphones to PlayStation 3 using a wireless system. The Bluetooth version 2.5 and 4.0 establishes a very useful and robust connection.

If you want to connect your wireless headphones with PS3, simply use the Bluetooth settings of t5he PD3 to pair both devices. Open the settings of your PS3, scroll down to the menu and go for accessory settings. Search for the option of Bluetooth devices.

Look for your headphone device from the following devices, and make sure your headphones are on during this process. Simply click on the device which you want to pair and press yes to the chosen device.

PS3 Headphone Jack

When it comes to connecting headphones to PS3, the PS3 ps3 headphone jack is not available. There is no headphone hack available on PS3. Still, many other options are available to connect headphones to the device or one can connect through wired connections. The wired connection headphones work with PS3 with a different jack as discussed before.

How To Use Headphones On Ps3 With Ps4 Controller

If you are worried about how to use headphones on ps3 with ps4 controller, you simply need to press on the PlayStation Control button. Press the Control center and from that, select the sound option; go to Output devices then (Available output devices); select headset (controller). This process will output all the audio signals on PS3 with the PS4 controller.

How To Connect Headphones To Ps3 Bluetooth 

  • To connect headphones to ps3 Bluetooth; follow the following steps;
  • From the settings of your PlayStation, Select the Accessory Settings
  • From Accessory Settings options, Select the” Manage Bluetooth Devices.”
  • Once you find the Bluetooth Devices, open the “Registered Devices Menu.”
  • Click on the “YESS” option to Bluetooth the pairing accessory
  • Now Plugin your desired Headphone
  • From here, you need to click on the “Smart Scan” button. Through this option, The PS searches for all other available devices with the Bluetooth Turned on.
  • Now select the model from the above list of Bluetooth devices. A black window will pop up; enter the four-digit PIN for the wireless accessory. The user, 4 digit pin, is usually available in the user guide or one can find it online on developer service. The PIN is usually the same in all the devices.
  • Once the sync is successful, and devices connect, your headphones will appear in the connected devices option of PS3.

Final Verdict

The settings of PS3 varies from Headphones to Headphones. If you are making a connection to wireless Headphones, the work and changes would be different. The settings and configuration will be different when it comes to wired headphones. Make sure to adjust the settings accordingly.

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