How To Wear Headphones With Long Hair

How To Wear Headphones With Long Hair? Find 8 Ways

Wearing headphones is no douth fun as well as a hard task to do. One person cannot work for a long period of time by wearing headphones with long hair. Wearing headphones with long hair is really tough because it can trouble your comfort level. Whether it be men or women, both like to have long hair, but how to wear headphones with long hair? It’s never comfortable; your hair can get tangled.

So, let’s discuss some of the useful secrets on how to wear headphones with long hair.

The Best Type Of Headphones For People With Long Hair

Before moving to how to wear headphones with long hair, one would know what headphones are best when it comes to using them for a long time and with long hair. The best type of headphones for people with long hair are the one’s over-the-ear headphones. It’s much more comfortable and easy to wear these; they provide much better sound quality, not too low and not too high. These headphones are also helpful in preventing surrounding unwanted voices.

The best benefit of over-the-ear headphones is that you can take them along with you ans stick to your music playlist where ever you want. Still, these require a bit of attention while pairing them and maintaining their sound quality.

How To Wear Headphones With Long Hair

How to wear headphones with long hair so that neither you feel uncomfortable while wearing them nor your hair gets messed up.

Finding the correct headphones for your face

The perfect fit of headphones depends on the person’s facial structure. Before buying headphones of your choice, never take your facial structure and hair for granted because wearing headphones for a long time can be uncomfortable if you do not have the ones with good structure.

For round faces, round headphones are preferable; those who have a square, rectangle shape face should go for semi-round or the square-shaped headphones, the ones that adjust on your face properly.

The most important thing to consider is always the size of the head and face of the person who will be using the headphones. Size of ears is also a major task as ears get extremely warm and hot when wearing headphones for a longer time, and some earcups are big, and some are small. If you have larger ears, make sure to buy large-sized headphones and vice versa.

Preparing yourself and your headphones for the day

How To Wear Headphones With Long Hair
How To Wear Headphones With Long Hair

How to wear headphones without ruining hair for a long working day? It can be challenging, so better, why not prepare your headphones before starting your long day.

If you are going for some long period outdoor activities, you need to wear headphones and have long hair. Make sure to secure your headphones cord to avoid getting caught with the equipment or your clothes.

Increase the length of your hair

If you have long hair and you are always worried about how to wear headphones without ruining hair, then no worries about that. Take a much closer look at your hair; if your hair length is medium, then it can be trouble; your hair can get disturbed because of headphones. It can also cause hair damage. So, if you already have medium hair, try to grow them further. Increase the length of your hair. Once you have long hair, it will be much easier for you to wear headphones easily.

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Become bald

People with medium hair, or even sometimes long hair length, are the major victims of headphones and hair fights. Hair gets stuck in headphones, damaging hair, and it gets so irritating. If you don’t want to increase the length of your hair, or you don’t want to change your hairstyle, you can completely remove all your hair. Become bald!

It can be an issue for women to become bald, so they should prefer to grow their hair to approx. Length and boys can get bald and have no issue wearing headphones.

Trim your hair Around the Ear

One of the best ways to avoid hair issues and hair getting tangled to headphones is to cut your hair around your ears. This idea is more applicable for men than women.

Straighten your hair

How to wear headphones with long curly hair? Straight hair is always much easier to handle than curly ones. There are fewer chances of hair being tangled or damaged when headphones on straight hair, but curly hair creates much more issues.

The easiest way to avoid such a troubling situation is to toe up your hair with a catcher make a ponytail or bun. If you like to keep your hair open, you need to heat them straight.

Apply gel on your hair

How to style hair with headphones? People who are conscious about their hairstyles, keeping their hair length to a certain level, and don’t want to grow or trim their hair. Then the most reliable solution for them is to apply some hair setting spray or gel. Set your hair to the certain design you want, and then apply gel so your hair stays at its position and you can wear headphones comfortably.

This is a more valuable procedure when you are going out somewhere because you cannot apply the gel on your hair casually all the time while you are at home and using headphones. Gels can damage your hair by using these excessively, and good quality gels are really expensive.

Move the Headphones

The easiest and most comfortable way is simply moving your headphones towards your forehead and then pushing them slightly backward. This way, your headphone will work as a hairband; all your hair will move backside and will not annoy you. But do change the position after a while, so the hair does not get tangled.

Final Thought

Every person has a different hairstyle, texture, and length, but it’s much more difficult for long hair. How to wear headphones with long hair without messing up your hair? 

If you have long hair or medium-length curly hair, you do not want to change your hairstyle, then simply you can through your headphone band back a bit to your back neck; you can also pass your hair to the top of the headphones and have a slight rest. Tie up your hair or apply gel so that your hair stays in the position.

Every problem comes with several solutions; these are a few to help you on how to wear headphones with long hair without getting them damaged. These simple tips will help you save your headphones and your hair.

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