Airpods Pro VS Jaybird Vista

Jaybird Vista VS Airpods Pro – Which You Should Buy?

Deep dive into this Jaybird Vista VS Airpods Pro Comparison!

There’s no doubt that the Apple Airpods have taken the world by storm. They’re not fitness headphones and yet about one in four people at my gym have them already. What if there’s a better alternative for those of us who are active and also for Android users. Meet Jaybird Vista, the Vista are similar to the Airpods, and they’re true wireless headphones, exclusively made for fitness use.

Jaybird Vista have a lot more of a secure fit better isolation and they are IPX7 waterproof and sweat proof, which means Vista headphones can be submerged up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Jaybird Vista are also resistant to dust as well.

Let’s take a look at two headphones in this Jaybird Vista VS Airpods Pro guide and what makes them different.

Jaybird Vista Vs Airpods Pro: Where Do They Stand?

The Jaybird Vista earbuds are all about freedom, freedom from wires and freedom from worry. There’s nothing to get in your way. Jaybird store charging in a tiny case, not much bigger than the Airpods Pro case. You can have charging case with you wherever you go. Whether you’re headed into work, whether you’re sitting at your job, you can use one of them at a time, whether you’re riding your bike, or you’re going to the gym and sweat one out one, or you’re running a marathon, or you’re going to your next adventure, the Jaybird vistas will always be with you.

Price: Jaybird Vista VS Airpods Pro

The Apple Airpods pro comes in $159, for the AirPods Pro with the charging case is prices at $199, however, with the wireless charging case, the Jaybird Vista retail for $180, which is kind of right in between this too.

These are both true wireless premium headphones, but it hasn’t stopped anybody from buying the AirPods Pro.

Connectivity: Jaybird Vista VS Airpods Pro

Airpods Pro VS Jaybird Vista

I still get a lot of questions about what phones can be used with less headphones. In short, you can use anything Bluetooth with anything Bluetooth. Yes, you can use the Apple Airpods Pro with Android phones and you can use the Jaybird Vista with iPhone, and it really applies across everything as well. You can use both of these with any computer also.

Of course, in true Apple fashion, they’re going to make their products work better with their products. Having w1 and H1 chip, Airpods Pro is going to be more compatible with Apple products. When you use the AirPods Pro on an Android device, you’re going to lose things like your detection, the ability to see battery status, the ability to change the double-tap feature etc.

That you would get if you’re using them with an iPhone, as well as you’re gonna have some decreased range as well on Apple Airpods. Airpods Pro definitely are better for Apple users. However, you’re still able to use them with other phones and devices. There was a way to get some of those features back like the battery status as well as the ear detection.

The Jaybird Vista use Bluetooth 5.0, which they haven’t used before in a true wireless headphones. Jaybird Vist is going to give you a lot better range with android phones in comparison to Airpods Pro.

There are only certain phones that are capable of doing Bluetooth 5.0. For that your phone would need to be a newer phone, something like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and up, and the iPhone 8 and up are going to be capable of taking advantage of Bluetooth 5.0 to have better range, stability and all that kind of stuff as well. I have found that to be the case in these headphones.

Jaybird Vista uses JBS1 wireless technology which ensures crystal clear, zero lag sound for video, music and calls and a reliable connection that pairs easily with your phone every time. JPS1 wireless technology is similar to that W1 and H1 chips in Airpods Pro.

Basically, Jaybird Vista has Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and they’re also using some other features to allow you to get better call connection, better video connection, reduce lag and make them overall better.

Like I said, Apple AirPods are gonna work better with Apple devices. If you’re using a newer iPhone, Airpods should get about one hundred foot of range, which is really excellent. However, if you’re using the AirPods Pro with an android phone, you’re only going to get more like a standard Bluetooth range of around that 33 feet to 50 feet range. With the Jaybird vistas, however, they have Bluetooth 5.0, and they’re not exclusive to any products that are going to work equally great with an Android phone or an iPhone.

Jaybird Vista headphones are going to get around that 75 to 100 feet Bluetooth range as well. I found Jaybird Vista overall very compelling comparable in terms of a Bluetooth range. Jaybird Vista has a little lag out of both these headphones as well. A very good Bluetooth 5.0 overall worked really great.

Charging: Airpods Pro VS Jaybird Vista

Airpods Pro VS Jaybird Vista

In terms of charging and case, both Airpods Pro and Jaybird Vista headphones are actually very similar.

Jaybird Vista case is slightly taller and slightly wider than the AirPods Pro case, but overall, they look very similar. Both these can be stuffed in a pocket. Of course, since they’re carried with you and they both store inside their case and charge inside their case, they’re always going to be charged.

Apple AirPods do hold earbuds magnetically in their case. It means Airpods won’t fall out and same thing with the Jaybird Vista, they’re going to hold there magnetically, which means, you don’t have much of a chance of losing either one of these. In terms of how the case charges, you’re gonna have six hours of charge roughly on one charge for the AirPods Pro.

You’re gonna have a about six hours of charge also on the Jaybird Vista for one charge. The  Apple AirPods Pro are gonna give you about 24 hours of total combined with a case. The Jaybird Vista are gonna give you about 16 hours of time, total with the case. A little bit less time in the case, but really not too bad. Then you can use each bud of Jaybird Vista independently and that will give you about 32 hours of total time combined with the case.

As far as quick charge feature is concerned, the Apple AirPods Pro are going to give you about three hours of charge off of a 15 minute quick charge. The Jaybird Vista are going to get about one hour of charge off of a five minute charge. There is more time on the quick charging feature with the Apple AirPods Pro, but still Jaybird headphones are gonna give you an hour of charge for five minutes.

If you charged Jaybird Vista for about two hours in the case, then you’ll get a full charge.

In terms of how they charge, actually in the case, the Jaybird Vista are going to have USB type C, which is great. A lot of previous headphones had USB micro, whereas the Apple AirPods Pro are gonna charge with a lightening cable.

If you’re carrying an iPhone around, you’re going to have a lightning cable, very easy to charge the Apple AirPods Pro with that cable or you can get the wireless charging case. If you’re carrying around a phone, the newer phone that’s using USB type C, then you’re going to have USB type C cable.

Of course, if you’re using them across platform, you’re using the vistas with an iPhone or a using the AirPods with an Android phone, you are gonna have to carry a cable for your phone and a cable to charge the case. Additionally, the Vista have a little loop, which you can use to attach to backpacks to carry it around and attach your keys etc. The loop makes it a convenient way to carry Jaybird Vista.

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How They Function? Jaybird Vista Vs Airpods Pro

Airpods Pro has a little bit of ability to get the ambient noise from the outside. The Jaybird Vista do have a lot of passive noise isolation because of having ear gels and kind of blocking out all that outside sounds. It is great thing if you want to be immersed in your workout. You don’t really want to hear the sound around you. You really want to have better base and kind of immersion into there are, or if you’re on a train or you’re playing or something like that, and you don’t wanna hear people around you.

It’s a great thing where it could be slightly a negative as if you want to hear people around you, especially if you’re in a study type environment, or if you’re at the gym and you don’t want to have to take your headphones out to talk to somebody, something like that. Or if you’re riding a bike or running and you want to hear that kind of ambient sound, that’d be kind of a negative.

The one thing you can do then with the Jaybird is you can wear one at a time. You can use Jaybird Vista earbuds independently. I can just wear one at a time, putting it into ear that way, obviously in your other ear, you can hear the sound around you. It makes it a lot safer. If you’re using them.

It will be nice to have something like “hear through”. There’s some other headphones that have “hear through” feature.

In “hear through” headphones you actually have the ability to be able to pass that ambient noise into the headphones and the use kind of the microphones to be able to hear that sound around you. At first, I thought it might be due to the waterproofing with the Jaybirds, but of course you can actually talk in them and make calls as well. So, I don’t think that’s really the reason why. It will be something nice to include this feature in the future version of the Jaybird Vista headphones.

You can get aftermarket things for the Apple Airpods Pro like a sleeve, a hook for around your ear, all that kind of stuff.

Secure Fit: Airpods Pro Vs Jaybird Vista

You aftermarket things like sleeves or leash so that Airpods Pro stick to your ears. While Jaybird Vista are made to suck into your ear. Jaybird Vista provide more secure fit than Airpods Pro. You can run, hike or even jump with Jaybird Vista without using any kind of aftermarket products that you need with Airpods Pro if you want to use them for sports or exercise purposes.

Sound Quality: Jaybird Vista 2 VS Airpods Pro

As far as sound goes, I would say the sound from the Apple AirPods Pro are pretty good. They’re good enough for most people. As far as calls goes for the Airpods, the sound is going to be better in calls because of microphone, closer to your mouth, and it’s going to get that better sound for making calls.

If calls are really important to you, then definitely AirPods Pro would be something to look at. The sound quality for calls on Jaybird Vista is not bad. It does sound a little bit more distant and you can tell that you’re using an earpod to talk through.

Call quality with Jaybird Vista won’t be as clear as it will be on the AirPods. As far as actual sound goes, it’s pretty balanced. Airpods Pro sound nice. It doesn’t distort. You have balanced highs, mids, and lows. We don’t get a whole lot of low in sound.

Jaybird Vista don’t sound amazing but they just sound better. What’s really helpful for there is that you can pull up Jaybird My Sound App and go into there. Jaybird My Sound App allows you to customize the sound profile or the IQ of the headphones.

You can go ahead and customize your own sound profile if you want. You can actually alter the wave of the, uh, the highs, mids and the lows and all the different peaks of that sound waves to get the best sound that you like. Actually, you can test different sounds and customize that to your sound.

You can save edited sound profile to the app on the headphones for the next use as well. You can choose some other sound profiles, like there’s a balanced profile or there’s a base profile that you can kind of AMP up the base if you want. There’s different genres like country and that kind of stuff.

You can alter all that for the headphones very easily using the app. There actually also is profiles that professional athletes have chosen as well, who work with Jaybird. The Iron Cowboy and people like that choose their own profile in there. You can choose their profile and see if he has a sound profile for you.

Also in the Jaybird Sound app, they have the ability to to track the buds. Of course, the AirPods also have that if you’re using an iPhone, but they have ability to actually track those buds separately, i.e. their last known location. You will go ahead and pull up the left bud and the right bud and then allow you to track that by other navigation in your phone to find out where they are.

You can also alter the name of the earphones. There also are a lot of guides, product guides, videos, step-by-step things what’s included in Jaybird My Sound app. They’re under the name of your headphones. So very convenient.

Conclusion: Jaybird Vista VS Airpods Pro

Both Jaybird Vista and Airpods Pro have some great features and some disadvantages. For making final decision to Jaybird Vista VS Airpods Pro, you should buy Airpods Pro if you are someone who needs great sound quality in calls and music sound quality. But you should purchase Jaybird Vista headphones if you have an active lifestyle because of their great fit into ears.

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