microphone stops working when headphones plugged in

Microphone Stops Working When Headphones Plugged In – Solved!

We all have been through this situation that the microphone stops working when headphones are plugged in and these problems with a microphone attached with the headphones can be prevented. It doesn’t really matter what brand of headphones are you using or working with, its possible that every brand’s device can go through this.

Often you may have noticed that you plug in your headphone with your cell phone and you are on a call but the other person is not able to hear you because the microphone is not working. If you are having an issue that your microphone stops working when headphones are plugged in android and you are facing it for the first time, this doesn’t mean that you have to throw away the headphones or they are trash now. This problem is common it does happen at times. There are ways to fix this issue.

The extra speakers are not only the benefit of adding a microphone to your device. It may be possible microphone does not work when speakers are plugged in. So, how to fix this problem?

There are a number of methods to resolve your problem of microphone stops working when headphones plugged in.

Method to fix mic not working when headphones plugged in!

Set your Microphone device as the default

Many people complain that my internal mic stops working when I plug in headphones windows 10. It may be because your headphones mic is disabled or is not set as the default device. Even this is possible that your microphone volume is low and the device is not able to record your voice.

For getting this problem fixed;

  • Go to your Device Settings
  • Open Run Dialogue, Press down Windows Logo Key, now press the R key. Do all this together and then type control and click enter.
  • Now from the control Panel select Large icons from the View Dropdown menu
  • From there go to Sounds and Look for Recording Tab
  • Now right-click on empty space and from that menu select “Show Disabled Devices”
  • From there you’ll find Headset Microphone, Enable it
  • Now select it as a Default Device
  • Now right click on the Headset Microphone option and Select Properties from the menu
  • There you’ll see the volume control settings, make sure to move the slider to the highest volume settings
  • Now that your headphones microphone is set as default and you have increased the volume you won’t be facing the same issue.

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Update your Audio Drivers

microphone stops working when headphones plugged in

If you are facing this issue on your windows that microphone not working windows 10 then you need to install or update the drivers. Every laptop or PC has built-in audio drivers you just need to go install the appropriate ones for your windows, then restart your PC and it will work perfectly then.

If you are not able to download the official drivers then go through the process to adjust or install the default provided drivers.

  • Press Windows Logo key with X and select Device Manager from the menu
  • There you’ll see Sound, video, game controllers; expand that drop-down option and right-click on High Definition Audio Device
  • From there choose to Update the driver
  • Now there the System will ask you for choices; Choose the second option l Look for a driver on my machine.
  • At the bottom corner, you’ll find the o0ption: Allow me to choose driver from the list, click on that
  • There Select your High Definition Audio Device and click Next
  • Warning message ill pop up click Yes on that
  • Now once the Driver is installed, restart your computer and see.
  • Surely your microphone will start working now.

Allow Apps to Access your Microphone

If your microphone stops working when headphones plugged in it may be the reason that you haven’t permitted your device to access the microphone. Even if its your iPhone, Android, or Windows 10 you need to allow the device to access it.  In Windows 10, first, go to the system settings and manually grant access to your headset for using a mic.

  • Go to your device settings and from there go to Privacy
  • On the privacy, settings scroll down and you’ll see a microphone. Make sure that you have a click/opened the microphone access bar.
  • Now you need to check if the mic for that particular device is turned on or not. Click Change.
  • Allow access to your headphone mic through the privacy settings
  • Also, make sure that the “Allow Apps To Access Microphone” option is enabled.
  • By adjusting the privacy setting, you can allow access to the microphone on all the apps and your device.

The mic is not Muted

If your headset mic is not working then you need to do a mic test. Follow the following steps to make sure that your headset mic is not muted and working properly.

  • Make sure that the headset is correctly connected to your device.
  • Ensure that the mic is set as default in your device.
  • Go to settings, look for the system option and then Sound from there.
  • Select your mic option from the “Choose your input device” line

Now you can perform your mic test by selecting the option of “Test your microphone” and speaking into it.

Clean your headphone jack

If your mic not working when headphones plugged in the laptop, then it may be possible that your headphone’s male jack might be dirty. A little dirt, water, oil can cause dirt and damage to your headphone and their working.

Try to clean it, use a small cotton piece to dry if there is oil or water stuck. You can also use devices isopropyl alcohol to clean your devices. After cleaning leave it to dry. Make sure that the jack is totally free of dust so it does not cause any damage to your headphones.


If your device microphone stops working when headphones plugged in then you need to follow the above steps to proceed. You don’t have to think o9f it as trash and throw it away every problem has a solution.

Some headsets are developed with built-in mic features which one can easily use with Laptop, Pc. But at the same time, these headphones do cause trouble with your microphone. But it can be fixed if you look closely at the issue.

Hope this guide helped you in this.

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