Sennheiser HD 450bt Review

Sennheiser HD 450bt Review: Most Comfortable Headphones In The Industry

We are doing a Sennheiser HD 450bt review. This is Sennheiser’s mid-range wireless active noise canceling option.

Sennheiser HD 450bt have a distinctively Sennheiser sound in a clean look, but is that enough? Sennheiser HD 450bt have a solid build with clean looks, great clean sound across the board, which is helped by its in-app EQ.   

Sennheiser HD 450bt have some decent features like single button access to your smart assistance. However, there are some minor usability issues that I’m not crazy about. The active noise canceling is mediocre at best.

What’s included Sennheiser HD 450bt box?

In the box you get headphones USB-A to USB-C charging cable, 2.5 millimeter to 3.5 millimeter auxiliary cable, and the pouch. In the auxiliary cable itself, there’s a little notch you can see. I happen to like this because what it does that you plug it in and then locks it in. That’s where the carrying pouch is.

The pouch is not really gonna protect much. It does have a nice little pocket inside. We’re ready to travel Sennheiser HD 450bt by using this pouch.

Keep reading Sennheiser HD 450bt review for as we dive deep!

Sennheiser HD 450bt Looks & Build

When it comes to the looks and the way Sennheiser HD 450bt feel. I absolutely love Sennheiser HD 450bt. Sennheiser HD 450bt have a clean, attractive design. They have nice top pad with no ruffles and they have a solid feel that is smooth to the touch.

These come in white and brown as well as all black colors. These are all pretty much plastic. And the ear pads in the headband are a synthetic leather, which I found comfortable enough. But if that’s not your thing, you can buy upgrades and the pans are easy to replace. You can observe, Sennheiser HD 450bt headphones are decently built.

However, Sennheiser HD 450bt are not the most flexible. There is no cracking noise, but they’re resistant. The headband is entirely plastic. Extending them you can hear the clicks. The swivel hinges are great for comfort. They lock in perfectly. They don’t go flat and you have the back and forth motion with design.

Overall, Sennheiser HD 450bt headphones are solidly built and they’re well in line with the $199 price point, they come in at 240 grams or 8.5 ounces. So they’re not too bad or heavy.

Ports & Buttons Of Sennheiser HD 450bt

Now going over the buttons, they are all on the right ear cup. There’s no touch controls. It’s all button control. You have the microphone, the power on/ power off/ active noise canceling on/off, and the pairing button, the status light, the 2.5 millimeter auxiliary port, the USB-C charging port the volume up and volume down, button a three-way button for answering calls, playing and pausing music or skipping ahead or skipping back and the dedicated voice assistant button.

I’m not crazy about some of the choices and their impact over their user interaction design.

First, I’m not a fan of the three-way button. It’s too easy to try to pause music by pressing it, and then suddenly skipping to the next song or to the previous song. Now about the power button, this might be the most annoying thing about their user interaction design. Most headphones have same power button and pairing button.

Most headphones have a substantial difference between powering on and pairing maybe four seconds to power on, and then seven seconds to pair. Sennheiser HD 450bt takes three seconds to power on and then four seconds to pair. I found myself entering pairing mode too easily until I learned to listen for a very slight “pop” that happened just as the unit turned on.

If I waited for the system to actually say “power on”, it would already be entering pairing mode. I wouldn’t pass on Sennheiser HD 450bt just because of these issues. But these are areas where Sennheiser can work to better delight users.

Pairing Of Sennheiser HD 450bt

Sennheiser HD 450bt Review

Sennheiser HD 450bt can be actively paired with two devices at once. Up to eight devices will be stored in memory and the headphones will just connect to the two most recent devices. Multi device pairing is an area where Sennheiser just doesn’t quite seem to get it right.

For example, it was weird when I had Sennheiser HD 450bt connected to my iPhone and my iPad. Whenever I was listening to something on my phone and I switched an app on my iPad, the headphones would pause the music for just a split second before continuing. It generally worked well enough, but there was some strangeness.

How Comfortable Are Sennheiser HD 450bt?

The clamping force is a bit high on Sennheiser HD 450bt. I didn’t mind it much, but my wife hated it. The pads are very supportive and they were the saving grace. Sennheiser HD 450bt pads are soft without being mushy and firm without being harsh. Sennheiser HD 450bt really weren’t uncomfortable, even for longer sessions.

Ear heat wasn’t a huge issue. There was definitely some heat though. I put Sennheiser HD 450bt at about the midrange, not terrible, but not great. Fatigue wasn’t as bad as I’d originally expected with Sennheiser HD 450bt when I saw the shape of the ear pads.

The headband itself felt fine for me. The synthetic leather, which feels rubbery wasn’t always the best. Comfort was good overall.

When it comes to glasses, Sennheiser HD 450bt weren’t great necessarily because of the high clamping force, but I expected them to be worse. I didn’t hear much of an impact on the bass or the rest of the sound when I had my glasses on. If there was base roll off, it was minimal.

How Good Is Sound Quality Of Sennheiser HD 450bt?

Sennheiser HD 450bt Review

Sennheiser HD 450bt handle a really good number of codecs: SBC, aptX, aptX low latency and AAC.

Sennheiser HD 450bt has crisp and clear sound with a generally neutral tone that de-emphasizes the bass a bit.

If you’ve used Sennheiser, you’re familiar with the general sound signature. None of the registers really eats into the other and the sound isn’t what I’d call muddy at any register. It is clear. The bass is well controlled, more punchy than rumbly by default, but it has a good dynamic range and it’s sometimes more subtle than I like, but it’s definitely present in Sennheiser HD 450bt.

On the whole, I really enjoyed the sound. Just note that sound is better with the active noise canceling on. It’s just generally cleaner with noise active cancellation turned on.

As expected, the sound while connected via the auxiliary cable was better than the sound when it was connected via Bluetooth. The difference wasn’t as stark as with other headsets. Sennheiser HD 450bt just offers good quality sound overall cabled or not, which is great.

How Sennheiser HD 450bt’s Equalizer Works?

Sennheiser has these headphones connected to smart control app, which you can download for both Android and iOS. The EQ is a 3-band EQ that lets you control the bass, mids and the highs. You can use the graphic control. I’ve never really liked what Sennheiser provides in graphic control. It’s more like of a guessing game.

There aren’t many presets, just podcast, movie and neutral, but you can add as many presets as you want. Generally. I thought these were fine though. I tweaked them. So they’d have a little bit more bass nothing overpowering. Moving that register up will give you a nice rumble with headphones. Its good that Sennheiser offers these features since other similarly price sets don’t.

How Is The Call Quality Of Sennheiser HD 450bt?

Sennheiser HD 450bt was kind of awful. To me calls sounded clear and crisp to the people on the other end, however, I sounded muffled. People had a hard time understanding me at a regular volume. For example, Sennheiser HD 450bt might picked up everything in the rooms.

If you’re going to frequently be making phone calls, I would avoid this set all together.

How Good Is Noise Cancellation In Sennheiser HD 450bt?

Sennheiser HD 450bt Review

Sennheiser HD 450bt got the job done, but there are better sets out there for the same price or even cheaper for constant deep white noise like airplanes or wind. These did just fine at blocking those, for anything other than that, you’re almost entirely at the mercy of the passive noise canceling, meaning ear pads.

There are only really two settings on and off, which are controlled by a quick tap of the power button itself. On the whole, it was okay. Sennheiser HD 450bt was fine for the price category, but nothing to get too excited about.

On the bright side, the cabin pressure effect was minimal.

How Good Is Sennheiser HD 450bt Battery Life?

When it comes to battery life, Sennheiser advertises up to 30 hours of battery time with both active noise canceling and Bluetooth active. It’ll take about two hours plugged in to completely charge Sennheiser HD 450bt.  

There is no fast charging, but you can listen to them while charging. Be sure to turn them off before you charge them, they can only charge after you turn the unit off.


I like the clean minimalist design. Sennheiser HD 450bt headphones aren’t too bulky and they’ll look good if you decide to wear them outside. Sennheiser HD 450bt are sturdy and have a great smooth feel to the touch. No cracking when put under stress though, they’re not as flexible as some of the units I’ve tested.

The ear pads are replaceable. Note that these don’t have any sweat or water resistance. I felt Sennheiser HD 450bt were comfortable even when using them for two hours at a time.

Sennheiser HD 450bt come in at about 240 grams or 8.5 ounces so they don’t feel heavy. The clamping force is on the high side. Although the synthetic fiber pads do a good job of cushioning and ear heat is surprisingly not much of an issue with Sennheiser HD 450bt. At least it wasn’t for me.

If you wear glasses, Sennheiser HD 450bt might not be as comfortable even though I found them to be just fine.

The sound is crisp and clear across the ranges with no range being overpowering. It’s a really neutral sound. The bass is a little weak at times, but tweaking it with a 3-band EQ is possible. Overall sound was this set’s strongest feature.

Sennheiser HD 450bt was smart about a lot of this headset, including the button placement, the quality of the buttons and the dedicated voice assistant button, but a few small things like accidentally entering pairing mode when turning them on. And the lack of indicator icons on the buttons tripped me up a little bit.

The only major feature is multi device pairing, and that didn’t do all that. Well, active noise canceling will block out microwave sounds or the woosh you hear in an airplane, but it’s not really anything special.

I could hear other people just fine, but the microphone managed to pick up everything around my environment, as well as make me sound muffled to others. Overall, call quality was this set’s weakest area.

Sennheiser advertises 30 hours with Bluetooth and active noise canceling on, which is decent. There’s no quick charge, but you can recharge the battery in about two hours. Plus you can listen while charging.

This isn’t a bad headset. This may be one of the best sounding wireless headsets at $200. The build quality too is solid enough. The only big issue I had was call quality overall.

I really like Sennheiser HD 450bt because I think it’s well comfortable, and it has great style, but remember that you should only really count the areas that are important to you and ignore the rest.

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