What Headphones Do Tommyinnit Use

What Headphones Do Tommyinnit Use?

Find out what headphones do Tommyinnit use & how good these headset are!

Tommyinnit is a British YouTuber. His real name is Tommy Simmons. He started his YouTube career in 2015 but he actually posted his first video in 2018. He made many YouTube channels but his YouTube channel named as “Tommyinnit” became a huge success. He livestreams survival games on his YouTube channel. His most watched videos are those in which he does fun stuff like collaborations with fellow creators, gamers and friends.

Tomminnit plays survival games like Minecraft games including Dream Survival Multiplayer etc. Generally, he provides gaming tips, hacks, tells about his gaming gadgets in his YouTube videos. Currently, he has 11.6 Million subscribers on YouTube. Not to forget that, he is a huge sensation on Twitch as well where also he regularly livestream videos on gaming.

What Headphones Do Tommyinnit Use?

As seen in several of his videos, Tommyinnit uses HyperX Cloud II. These are best gaming headphones since their arrival on the scene. Gamers and audio experts recommend HyperX Cloud II extensively.

You can see Tommyinnit using HyperX Cloud II in this video!

How To Buy Tommyinnit Headphones?

You can buy same headphones which Tommyinnit uses from Amazon by clicking the link below:

Design Of HyperX Cloud II

what headphones do Tommyinnit use
what headphones do Tommyinnit use

HyperX Cloud II actually comes in two parts. You get the headset itself and you also get a USB sound card. The cable of the headset itself is about three feet long while the cable of the sound card module is six feet long. The sound card module ends in a USB plug that goes directly into the computer or into the console.

HyperX Cloud II headset ends in a standard 3.5 millimeter audio cable that connects to the module. The cable on Tommyinnit headphones is permanently connected whereas the boom mic is detachable as it has a flexible metal arm with a foam windscreen.

The design of HyperX Cloud II headset looks more so like an actual peer of older headphones than an actual gaming headset, which I personally do not have a problem with. Having the option to detach the headset from the dongle and also having the option to detach the microphone from the headset is actually genius.

There wasn’t too many heaphones options in its price range in that timeframe in 2015, when this headset came out, that can actually compete with HyperX Cloud II’s versatility. Especially, when it comes to HyperX Cloud II headset, doubling as a travel headset and a gaming headset, which you can take with you on your flights or connect to your mobile device when you guys are playing games with it.

HyperX Cloud II Vs Astro A40 TR

In 2015 or in closer years, there were not many headphones which were equally good for travel and gaming at home. However,  the only headphones that really come to mind is the Astro A40 TR. The Astro A40 TR do feel a lot more solid than the HyperX Cloud II, but they have the same ability to detach the microphone and use headphones as a travel headset if you guys aren’t gaming with it.

Before the Astro A50 TR came out, Astro A40 TR was favorite gaming headset of many pro gamers and it still is favorite headset of many streamers because you can change your mixed AMPS and play with your teammates and actually be able to hear everybody, whereas with the HyperX Cloud II, there is no way you could possibly do that.

What You Get With HyperX Cloud II Box?

HyperX Cloud II came out in 2015. The headband on HyperX Cloud II headset and pre-installed ear pads are made from a pleather material and a memory foam that helps this headset sit comfortably on your head without them feeling too heavy or too light.

In the case, you also get an extra set of ear cups that are made out of a lighter fabric that I personally don’t like since I found them to feel a little bit itchy in those longer gaming sessions. On the USB sound card, you get individual volume controls for both the headphones and the microphone.

You also get a sliding microphone mute switch, and a 7.1 button that activates the headset surround sound. Like I mentioned before, you are able to use this headset with any device out there that has a 3.5 millimeter audio jack like PS4 controller, Xbox controller, or mobile phone.

Keep learning in this guide of What Headphones Does Tommyinnit Use.

Performance Of TommyInnit Headphones

You get 7.1 channel surround sound that is activated by pressing the 7.1 channel button on the USB cable. Playing Call Of Duty wars on this headset, I wasn’t able to get a clear indication of which way the enemy was coming from while I was using the surround sound, which is a huge red flag for competitive gamers like myself.

Unlike the Astro A50, you could take HyperX Cloud II right out of the box and it’s Plug & Play. You don’t have to download any software. You don’t have to download any drivers out there.

The audio levels are actually really high in Tomminnit headphones. When we turn on the surround sound, it just amplifies that volume. It doesn’t really give a clear depiction of where your enemies are. So, it just makes the grenades sound louder, makes your environment sound louder. Which isn’t terrible but for competitive gamers out there, you want to know where your enemy is coming from.

How Good HyperX Cloud II Are For Music?

Listen to music even at maximum volume, you don’t hear too much distortion and even the bass sounds really good too. The mids and lows come off really good as well from HyperX Cloud II Tommyinnit headphones.

You can definitely use this headset to travel with, listen to music and watch movies. So now that’s the woman to the game room and compare the microphone quality of this headset.

Are HyperX Cloud II Worth It In 2022?

What Headphones Do Tommyinnit Use
What Headphones Do Tommyinnit Use?

If you had a hundred dollars to spend on a new gaming headset that also double as a travel headset for you guys. There is no doubt in my mind that this headset is worth its price tag when it came out in 2015. The sound quality of HyperX Cloud II is great. The headset’s comfortable and the build quality is fantastic. Now, if you do plan on traveling around with this headset, they do provide a travel case in the box.

You can carry the headset and a couple other things around with it. So do make sure you guys use case. If you want to go ahead and travel with it, it does have a carrying pouch that comes in the box.

Is HyperX Cloud II headset worth it in 2022? Absolutely yes, it’s a hundred dollars price tag in today’s market. HyperX Cloud II is fantastic and it’s definitely worth that a hundred dollars price tag in 2022 considering its performance, sound quality and accessories.

However, if I did have a hundred dollars to spend and I was going to go ahead and purchase a new headset, I would definitely go ahead and pick up HyperX Cloud II headphones considering its dual use as travel headphones and gaming headphones.

HyperX Cloud II might feel like a bit outdated. Obviously,technology-wise, it is outdated, but this is a much more simple and versatile headset. And that’s what I feel like Kingston was going for when they built this headset.

Hopefully, now you guys know what headphones do Tommyinnit use and how good are HyperX Cloud II.

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