Why Do Djs Wear Headphones

Why Do DJs Wear Headphones? 4 Reasons!

We all are fans of wearing headphones, being in our own world. We used to imagine and picture DJs wearing their headphones and jumbling up music at different venues and occasions. When it comes to why djs wear headphones or how exactly the DJs use their headphones, we all are unaware of it.

Some of you may think that DJs wear those big headphones to distract themselves from the audio and focus on the music and rap they are playing or singing, Blocking crowd noise or protecting ears from venues loudspeakers. But there are a lot more reasons behind why do DJs wear headphones.

Even if you like to be a DJ and you are new at DJing, you may notice that most DJs use DJ headphones briefly.

Why Do DJs Wear Headphones?

Why Do Djs Wear Headphones
Why Do Djs Wear Headphones

DJs use headphones for many reasons, and the most critical ones are that they use DJ headphones to listen to the music track they selected and are about to mix up into the track that is already being played on live speakers.

With the help of the Cue button, they press the button on the particular channel to hear to the desired track, which allows the DJ to beat the music song which is already being played live. With the help of best DJ headphones for beginners, the DJ can easily hear what the mixed music of two different tracks will sound like before moving towards the crossfader.

Below are some main, basic reasons why DJs wear headphones, why Dj use headphones, and how you can use Dj headphones.


Cueing is the topmost important reason why DJs wear Dj headphones. DJs mix two or three different tracks on different occasions to get the crowd in the mood, whether it be emotional, sad, party, or rocking o9r in any right mood. They adjust the mixing of tracks according to the created environment.

By cueing, you simply say that the DJ is simply listening to the next upcoming track, the DJ can listen to the track in the DJ headphones before the track is even played through the speakers live. Cueing is an important process; there are different soundtracks CHANNELS. Channels mean that if the DJ is playing a track live on the speakers through Channel 1; the DJ can Press the Cue button on Otherchannel, channel 2. This enables the person to listen to the track on channel 2.

Through this process, the FJ is now well aware of releasing the track on channel 2 to fall in line with the live track of channel 1. Make sure to launch the track in the correct order. Once you are done with the process, you can easily listen to the track that you just mixed before playing it live on speakers. You only need to switch the Dj headphones on the mixer from Cur to Mix. This will enable the DJ to listen to the tracks that the DJ just mixed together before moving to the crossfader between both channels.

A DJ mixer has some important DJ headphones controls, which are mentioned below;

Mono Split – Split Cue: This is used when fixed to mono sp[lit sound. This means that the track mixer will simply assign the cue track signal in the left earcup of the Dj headphone and the master signal, which is the original soundtrack that everyone hears, will be assigned to the right earcup of DJ headphones. This way, the DJ can Level up the next track with the current track in their DJ headphones.

Sound Volume: The volume in the DJ headphones is adjusted with the “Level” Knob/button.

Clarity Of Sound

The DJs use DJ headphones more frequently to check the clarity of th soundtracks, and this means the beats, the timings of the beats being heard by the DJ, which only a DJ can understand. DJs are invited to different types of events, occasions every venue and club is of different shape and size, also the booths of DJ the speakers are at different corners/places, which means that the positioning of the speakers can cause a delay to the plan.

The timing issue or the delay of sound arriving at the DJs headphones can cause issues with the clear feedback, which can be a trouble for DJ. This is the primary reason best DJ headphones for beginners effectively provide clear audio with no drop, trouble, or sound delays. This means that great jumbling, mixing, and beat matching can be done.

Protect Hearing

If you are a DJ or thinking to be one, then loud music is a major thing when it comes to playing live tracks on different occasions. So, no surprise that the DJ headphones can be a life savior for the DJs here as it can help protect their hearing to a limited extent.

Just always make sure that the track’s volume in headphones is not too high; if it’s too high, you can later get ear fatigue, or it can also damage your drums. Listening continuously to loud mus8ic can cause you serious hearing issues.

Different DJ headphones are present in the market, which help to claim the best noise-canceling and hearing loss benefits. The material and stuff of the headphones are light, and the foam used in the earcups is protective enough.

No Personal Speakers Available

As a new DJ, you may not have that much money and equipment to start over a proper setup, not even speakers yet. But you don’t have to worry because DJ headphones are DJs speakers too. DJs make their headphones their speakers.

This is even less costly, which means money is saved on buying speakers or other equipment and you’ll also learn DJing in a short time. You can simply perform your practice in front of your family friends and ask for honest feedback. DJ headphones can also help your DJ training to mix the headphones tracks easily.


If you are still wondering why do DJs wear headphones? Then the simple answer is that DJ headphones are the Right hand of a DJ, and without these, DJ can be of no use. Not everyone needs DJ headphones, and the DJ headphones enable listening to the beat and the matching of the new track, which will be mixed.

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