Why Do Podcasters Wear Headphones?

8 Reasons Why Do Podcasters Wear Headphones?

Why do podcasters wear headphones? You will find the answer in this detailed guide!

You must have seen every other podcaster wearing headphones. You wonder why do YouTubers and other podcasters keep wearing these headphones during podcasts.

First of all, keep this questions aside, just remember that headphones are the most essential part of podcasting. Headphones will ensure that how it actually sounds. A podcast needs to be entertaining and great sounding experience. Podcasters can better get this objective with the help of headphones only.

Headphones will provide essential control on the sound quality of podcasts. You can solve the upcoming audio problems in your podcast beforehand if you are listening to your podcast while making it with headphones. You will know exactly how your podcast is going to sound thus, you can make change and make it exactly how want you podcast to sound when it goes live.

Headphones will enable you to better edit your podcast, manage the audio quality, perfect the microphone technique and set audio levels.

Are you just curious to know why do podcasters wear headphones just because you see them wearing regularly or you are someone who is looking to start you own podcast?

Why Do Podcasters Wear Headphones?

Every podcaster wants to create a podcast that stands out. To do that, podcasters need to wear headphones when they are recording a podcast. They even keep wearing headphones during whole podcast creating sessions to know and keep aware of all the minor details about the podcast.

With the help of headphones, podcasters ensure that they find areas which should be improved, find sound errors and edit the areas as they like.

For podcasters, microphones and headphones are top two essential gadgets. Without these, creating quality podcast is near to impossible.

These are 8 reasons why podcasters wear headphones;

  1. To Know How Podcast Sounds
  2. To Know How You Will Sound
  3. To Avoid Speaker Bleed
  4. To Save Speakers
  5. To Monitor Sound Levels
  6. To Make Recordings Easier For Guests
  7. To Record Podcasts With Remote Recording Software
  8. To Edit Podcasts Easily

To Know How Podcast Sounds

Modern podcasters have their own ways of doing it. Some podcasters will recording their session while driving other record their podcasts from their bedroom or kitchen. They can only do that when they have headphones or earbuds in their ears.

To ensure the sound quality, they need to use headphones. Sometimes, sound is heavier than speakers other times, sound is coming very low. When a podcaster is listening along with podcasting, he or she can make the right adjustments to make sure their podcasts provides a balanced sound throughout the session.

The higher sounds are mostly ignored when you listen them over speakers however, on headphones you will listen to them and make the right adjustments to get rid of them.

That lower or higher sounds will annoy your audience massively. The audience will consider you unprofessional or newbie podcasters.

Therefore, a Pro podcaster wants to know these sounds and remove them from happening.

Have you heard any irrelevant sounds listening to top podcasters ever? Yeah no. They use headphones all the time!

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To Know How You Will Sound

Its good thing to know how your podcast is going to sound but its great thing to know that you are going to sound in the podcast. You can remove the unwanted sounds from your podcasts if you are worried about how your podcast is going to sound but to know how you are going to sound in the podcast and how you can improve your own sound, you will need to use headphones as well.

We all know that our sound in real life is very much different than our sound in headphones or in digital world.

To know how your sound will be in a recording, you will need to use headphones. You can then make the right adjustments if your sound is lower or higher and balance it out.

Sometimes, we are speaking as we speak in our daily life but it turns out that this sound is higher and can annoy the viewers. If you are using headphones, you can lower your sound right then and there. Similarly, you can raise your sound if there is need for it.

Headphones during podcasting session will let you know if you are popping consonants or far away from your microphone. You will create a much balanced output with headphones.

By using headphones, you can save yourself from a lot of headache. If don’t use them, you will have to entirely re-record the entire podcasting session or editing will be tough without headphones.

To Avoid Speaker Bleed

Why Do Podcasters Wear Headphones
Why Do Podcasters Wear Headphones?

Bleed is the only thing that will confirm your stature as “Pro”.

What is speaker bleed? During interviews or podcasts involving more than one person, every individual use different mics for speaking. You know that every person has its own audio track. As a handler or manager of the podcast, you will able to control different audio track amicably by editing them later.

When there are two or three people are involved in a podcast without headphones, then a sounds gets out from speakers and other speaker’s microphone picks it up. This cause echo in session or sometimes, podcast show double sound. This is called bleed. Speaker bleed is a sign of real low and immature podcasting production.

To avoid bleed, you will ensure that every participant uses headphones and instruct them to turn off their headphones when someone is speaking. This way, others microphones will not pick up the sound and sound of the participant will come off clear and crisp.

To know more about why do podcasters wear headphones, keep reading!

To Save Speakers

There are good podcasts and there are bad podcasts. Bad podcasts are the one in which one speakers sound gets picked up by another’ microphone and thus creating a sound problems cycle. This kind of sound can’t be used in podcasts. To avoid this cycle and save your speakers, you should wear headphones when making it.

In audio feedback loop, sound coming out from speaker is picked up by microphone and then it will be again propagated from speakers. Pro podcaster ensure no audio feedback loop in their podcasts.

To Monitor Sound Levels

Podcasters check their audio levels beforehand even before setting up their podcasting session and make sure they are getting perfect sound levels. Checking audio level is paramount because otherwise sound levels gets too high for microphone to record the podcasting session. This is called clipping. You recording will be consisted off loud noise rather than a pleasant smooth conversation.

You can continuously keep checks on audio levels by wearing headphones and remove any chances of audio clipping from happening. You can mid way adjust the audio level rather than re-recording the whole session. Re-recording podcasts becomes sometimes impossible especially when it involves more than one participants.

To Make Recordings Easier For Guests

Your guests should also wear headphones when creating a podcast. Only headphones on you won’t work for outclass podcast sound quality. It is pertinent to apply all the above discussed things to your guests as well such checking audio levels, your own sound, and overall sound of the podcast.

By following these guidelines, guests will be able to listen themselves and improve their own sound quality as well. By not following this, you will face immense problems when you will hear the low sound quality of one of your guests and realize how you can get rid of it because it will leave bad impact on your podcast. Therefore, it is paramount to get the podcasts done right at first time!

To Record Podcasts With Remote Recording Software

Now a days, mostly in Covid stricken era, it has become a normalcy to do remote podcast sessions. It is impossible to gather all of your participants all the time on your location and do a podcasts. This does not happen anymore. Some people avoid traveling and others are worried of catching Covid. Therefore, podcasters invite their participants over Skype or Zoom apps to participate and share their valuable insights with the world.

Now, if you are recording you podcasts with remote participants you need to make your guest wear headphones properly so that you don’t face any audio distortions when you need to edit the recording.

To Edit Podcasts Easily

Why Do Podcasters Wear Headphones
Why Do Podcasters Wear Headphones?

Podcasters always need to edit their recordings before making them go live. Or at least, they need to listen recording once to make sure it’s good to go. Editing is necessary for two purposes. First, you will make sure how it is going to sound when it goes live and your audience listens it. Second, you will be able to highlight the issues that you need to improve before its goes live.

To make the editing stand out, you really need to use headphones during recording session as well as during editing recordings. You can remove all the unnecessary sounds that are minimizing the real sound. Sometimes, there are accidental sounds that mix up with your podcast during recording sessions such opening door sounds or wind sounds. You can remove such sounds easily and edit the recording if you are wearing headphones while doing it.

Also, sometimes you are unable to figure out if these unwanted sounds are from recordings or if they are happening in his real surroundings. To make sure, podcasters need to wear headphones to differentiate and make the required changes.

With the help of closed back headphones, you can also remove ambient noise happening around you. Headphones really help you in editing recording process and you can do it in a room full of people. Since, all of us don’t have the luxury of a silent studio where we could perform such stuff. Therefore, wear headphones when editing and do your job perfectly without having to worry about in a lot of people.

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Open Back VS Closed Back Headphones For Podcasting

Let’s discuss the main differences between open and closed back over the ear studio headphones, to help you understand which to use in podcasting. Microphones, computers, and audio interfaces are undoubtedly some of the most important pieces of podcasting studio gear. Headphones are equally important in both recording and editing stages.

How Do Open-Back And Closed-back Studio Headphones Differ?

Let’s start with how open and closed back headphones differ in terms of design, sound and comfort. The easiest way to spot the difference between the two is to look around at ear cups of the headphone. Closed back headphones are sealed units, use solid material usually plastic around the outer shell, which provides good isolation from ambient noise for the listener.

But don’t confuse this form of isolation with active noise canceling that we find in wireless consumer headphones. That’s a very different kettle of fish. Now there’s physical isolation. Closed back headphones also works rather well in reverse, meaning sound from the headphones themselves shouldn’t leak out that much and enter into microphones and recordings.

This sadly isn’t the case with open back headphones as there is no seal. Instead there’s a perforator design that allows air and sound to move freely in and out of the headphones. As an added bonus, this design gives a much more natural sound as there’s little to no pressure buildup within the structure of the headphone.

Which Should I Use Podcasting? Open Back VS Closed Back

Let’s start with tracking sessions with live performances and microphones. Close back headphones are a must for podcasting for two reasons; being strong isolation from sound around you and the chance of bleed being greatly reduced.

Which Headphones Should I Use For Podcast Editing?

This depends if sound quality is the priority and you’re working in the comfort of your own studio, opt for open backs as these provide more open and immersive sounds. But if you’re mixing in an environment, that’s not private, say a coffee shop, then don’t be that annoying person and use closed back headphones.

Which Headphones For Podcasting Have Better Sound Quality?

Close backs are very good, especially if you fork out for a premium set, but because of their seal design, many closed backs struggled to reproduce super low frequencies, thanks to their being no pressure buildup up in the ear cups open back headphones achieve much better.

What Are The Best Headphones For Podcasting?

Why Do Podcasters Wear Headphones?

These are 17 best headphones for podcasting;

  1. 🎧 Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT: (Amazon)
  2. 🎧 Beats Studio3: (Amazon)
  3. 🎧 Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700: (Amazon)
  4. 🎧 Bose QuietComfort 35 II: (Amazon)
  5. 🎧 Bose SoundLink Over-Ear Wireless Headphones: (Amazon)
  6. 🎧 Sony WH-1000XM4: (Amazon)
  7. 🎧 Shure Aonic 50: (Amazon)
  8. 🎧 Wyze ANC Headphones: (Amazon)
  9. 🎧 Microsoft Surface 2 Headphones: (Amazon)
  10. 🎧 Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless: (Amazon)
  11. 🎧 Sennheiser 450BT: (Amazon)
  12. 🎧 AKG K371-BT: (Amazon)
  13. 🎧 House Of Marley Exodus: (Amazon)
  14. 🎧 Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC: (Amazon)
  15. 🎧 Anker Soundcore Life Q30: (Amazon)
  16. 🎧 Koss BT540i: (Amazon)
  17. 🎧 JBL Tour One: (Amazon)

Are you satisfied with our detailed guide on why do podcasters wear headphones? Let us know!

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