why does my JBL headphones keep turning off

Why Does My JBL Headphones Keep Turning Off?

Why does my JBL headphones keep turning off? Let’s find the solution!

 Many of you would have experienced; that you are so lost deeply in your music or gaming, and all of a sudden, your headphone turns off? Or you left it turned on, but when you are ready to use it, it eventually turns off. Specifically, if we talk about JBL headphones, you might have thought of why does my JBL headphones keep turning off?

The JBL headphones are designed in a way that they turn off automatically if they are left unused for 8-10 minutes. The reason behind that is power saving, but if you notice closely, you need to figure out why jbl tune 120tws keeps turning off? Is there something wrong with the wire? The speakers? Some technical issues? Or what?

Let’s dig into the main issues of Bluetooth headphones turning off automatically!

Before looking at why my JBL headphones keep turning off, you should look for are you are even using them correctly; if yes, then find the reasons and get them fixed. The main reasons why JBL headphones keep turning off can be a low battery, battery or charger that can be busted, cable or charging port, built-in circuits, power-saving features.

Low Battery

The JBL headphones have a good battery life of approx. Six hours if the volume is kept under 70%. If you are playing audio music at a high level, then your battery will be drawn fast and last for about 3+ hours. When your headphones go through a low battery, you may experience the Bluetooth headphones automatically turning off.

A low battery can be one of the major reasons, so always make sure that the battery is fully charged. Make sure to check the switching off lights once the headphone is completely charged so you can be assured of it.

JBL Headphones Battery Or Charger Can Be Busted

why does my JBL headphones keep turning off
why does my JBL headphones keep turning off

Most of the rechargeable batteries power up wireless headphones. One of the reasons why does my JBL headphones keep turning off can be due to their busted battery. The battery of the headphone can be dead; The charger can be dead; for this, you need to have a spare battery or charger to use and get yourself confirmed.

A damaged charging cable, charging your headphone can cause so much trouble to your headphone and its battery. IUf you notice JBL tune 500bt keeps turning on and off, then try to change the charger and the charging cable; make sure you have a new spare cable so you can charge from it. If that cable works well and the issue is resolved, the issue was with the charging cable.

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Power Saving Feature

One of the major reasons why does my JBL headphones keep turning off is the power-saving feature. The majority of the wireless headphones have the power saving feature; if you leave the headphone on and unattended for 8-10 minutes, the headphone eventually goes to the power saving mode and turn off.

In some of the wireless headphones, you can also customize this feature to turn this power-saving feature on or off.

Corrupt Charging

In some of the cases, it may be possible that your JBL headphone thinks that the battery of the headphone is low, but the battery for real is not low. In such troubling cases, you will need to factory reset your headphone. Your headphone can be back to their previous actual charging logic by doing so.

Troubling Of Built-In Protection Circuit

Your headphone amplifier is equipped with a special built-in protection circuit. The task of these circuits is to protect the amplifier from any short of destruction if it occurs. For instance, when all the thinbgs start getting heat up inside the headphone, the circuit may shut down the thing that is causing the heat, and when the circuit tries to shut down the head, causing culprit, switching on and off of headphones can take place.

How To Fix Jbl T450bt Bluetooth Headphone That Keeps Turning Off And On Randomly

If you are worried about why does my JBL headphones keep turning off and you are facing it frequently, you should try to reset it, clearing all old stuff and saved settings.

Simply, for 10 seconds approx. Hold the volume down button and the multifunction button at the same time there; you’ll witness red and blue indicator lights blinking for 2-3 times.

If even resetting headphones is not fixing your problem, you need to consult some technical worker or any service provider. They’ll surely replace the damaged issue part with the new one, and it will surely resolve your problem.

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