Why Does Siri Keep Coming On When I Have Headphones In?

Why Does Siri Keep Coming On When I Have Headphones In?

Have you ever experienced that your Headphones are in and all of a sudden, Siri Pops in and starts talking to you? It surely happens frequently, and You might wonder why does Siri keeps coming on when I have headphones in?

Well, a couple of factors can be the reason why does Siri keep coming on when i have AirPods in. The op factor is unintentionally pressing the home button, which causes Siri to disturb you. Then pressing or holding on long to the Call button can also be a good reason to this. There can be a number of factors to this.

Why Does Siri Keep Coming On By Itself?

Why Does Siri Keep Coming On When I Have Headphones In?

When you listen to your favorite music, watch a movie or do some listening task, you surely don’t want to be interrupted in that. But sometimes, when you are using your iPhone, you may notice that Siri suddenly starts talking to you, and you think that why does Siri keep coming on when I have headphones in.

Pressing the Home button uni8ntentionally can be the reason for activating Siri. You also may have noticed that when you plug in your headphones or connect your Airpods Siri all of a sudden pops in. If you are plugging your headphones and you accidentally press the play/home button at that time Siri can also poop up.

It’s not just with your iPhone; the Siri keeps turning on by itself on the iPad also, and the reasons are approximately the same. Pressing the Play and pause button on the headphones or keeping it pressed for a long time can also cause Siri to disturb you and appear online. A loose wire connection can also be the reason for this.

Besides all this, Siri can also suddenly disturb you when you use Third-party headphones. All of the Thord party devices are not compatible, and due to their incompatibility, the personal assistant or you can say Siri comes up unexpectedly.

You must have thought about why does voice control keeps coming on when I have headphones in? Whenever you plug in your headphones to your devices at that time, your personal assistant or Siri also gets activated. The more often you do this, the more Voice-controlled personal assistant will pop in.

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How To Stop Headphones From Activating Siri

Now that you are aware of the reasons why does Siri keep coming on when i have headphones in, the next question that comes up is; how to prevent this trouble in the future?

There are ways through which you can stop Siri from keep popping in during your listening tasks. You need to perform a certain tasks on your device to get rid of this problem. Following are the ways through which you can stop it.

Turning Off The Voice Controlled Personal Assistant

So, you must be thinking about how to turn off voice control when headphones are in because it can be the possible way through which you can avoid this Siri popping-up condition. You can easily so this by disabling the feature on your iPhone or other devices. Once you turn Off Siri, then here you get assured that Siri won’t appear suddenly while you have headphones in.

To turn off Siri, simply go to your device setting. Click on the settings menu and look for Siri. Once you find the Sisi, just click on it, and you’ll see the feature’s On and Off tab. Turn off the switch, and there you go no more disturbance.

There’s also a feature of adding a passcode to your Siri, as Siri can also disturb other apps. Adding passcode to your iPhone Siri Feature will prevent other Apps from being affected by it.

Clean The Headphone’s Port

Whenever you plug in your headphone, often possible that Siri suddenly pops in and starts speaking; this is how to activate Siri with headphones.
But surely it’s a great disturbance, and one can get irritated by it. Another useful way to Stop Siri from poping up to activate the headphones is by cleaning the headphone jack/audio device. As discussed earlier, the Siri Voice Controlled assistant gets activated and interrupts when you perform any certain actions from your headphones. Those actions may be volume control buttons, play, pause, or keeping a hold on the button for a long time.

Siri is unpredictable; when if you unintentionally did not even perform any action, a couple of other things can make Siri believe that you are doing that, and Siri will start talking then. If dust is there stuck in your Iphpone headphone jack, then Siri can assume functions on its own. Start with the audio device andlook for dirt and dirt traces for cleaning your headphones. You’ll need a torch flashlight to look closely to inspect and perform the cleaning method. If you find any dirt mud stuck in there make sure to clean it. But remember to be careful and clean with light soft hands so that you don’t damage the audio device.

Voice Feedback Settings

Though turning off Siri can be the most helpful option; but it is possible that you still have to deal with the Voice control. For that, you need to tune in to the Voice Feedback settings of iOS. For this, go to your device settings, General Settings, then search for Siri, click on it and Tap on the Voice Feedback option.

You’ll see the ticked “Always On” option; change that setting to hands-free or ring switch option. This will prevent Siri from suddenly, randomly bursting during any listening tasks of plugging in headphones.

With Siri hands-free option, you are only able to access the feedback from Siri when you are connected to your headphones or when you have the Siri talking feature, “Hey Siri,” activated in your device. There is a control mode button also present, but it usually only works when the iPhone is on silent mode.

Of course, when you are working, listening to your favorite song or watching a movie, you don’t want to be disturbed, but Siri can be a disaster at times. Hope these ways will help you fix this problem, and if not so, then you need to contact Apple Support for more guides and information.

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